T-NOVA – Network Functions as-a-Service over Virtualised Infrastructures


T-NOVA is driven by a strong industrial core assisted by innovative SMEs and acclaimed academia in the field, with the aim of presenting an integrated solution for the offering, deployment and management of Virtualised Network Functions over composite (Network/IT) infrastructures.

In specific, T-NOVA aims at designing and implementing an integrated management architecture, including an Orchestrator platform, for the automated provision, management, monitoring and optimization of Virtualised Network Functions over Network/IT infrastructures. T-NOVA leverages and enhances state-of-the art cloud computing management frameworks for the elastic provision and (re-) allocation of IT resources assigned to the hosting of network functions. It also exploits and extends Software Defined Networking aspects, focusing on the Openflow technology, for efficient management of network resources, including network slicing, traffic redirection and QoS provision.

In addition to allowing network operators/service providers to efficiently handle and manipulate NFs for their own needs, T-NOVA introduces an additional innovative concept: it also considers the offering of Network Functions to operators’ customers, as value-added services (Network Functions as-a-Service, NFaaS). Service providers are offered the unique potential to enhance the traditional connectivity services with virtual network appliances (virtual gateways, proxies, firewalls, IDS/IPS, media transcoders, traffic analyzers etc.) which are provided to their customers as-a-Service, eliminating the need to acquire, install and maintain specialized hardware at the customers’ premises.


FINT will participate in the Infrastructure Virtualisation mechanisms, especially in the field of hardware based
platforms. Specifically, FINT will investigate and provide FPGA-based OpenFlow implementations in order to
control/monitor the functionality of virtual nodes, applying unified models supporting interoperability for different
HW/SW network components.