P-REACT– Petty criminality diminution through search and analysis in multi-source video Capturing and archiving plaTform


The high rate of petty crimes affects the social and commercial environment. Their reckless confrontation by the police makes citizens and businesses reluctant to elaboration and welfare. Existed surveillance solutions installed store data to non-interoperable archiving systems thus making their exploitation by law enforcement agencies nearly impossible. P-REACT introduces a sensor data network (video and motion) supported by a capturing and archiving platform for the surveillance of small businesses and transit areas against petty crimes as well as to better response time of the law enforcement and valid evidence based on video and images. The concept will be based on the selection and operation of low cost components (cameras, sensors) and built in capabilities (embedded systems) that will be interconnected and become interoperable using both established and emerging technologies, from Broadband internet to Cloud computing. Low-cost cameras and smart sensors will be installed in the small business’ premises that will be connected to cloud-based, data centres, where their activity will be constantly monitored and recorded. An incident detected by sensors will initiate a work flow including alerting police, video capturing, data pre-processing, transferring and tagging. The incident may also trigger neighbour sensors for providing the extended coverage. The platform could also receive information (images, video) captured by mobile smart devices having a special application installed, operated by users found ad-hoc at a place of an incident. The project will exploit the current trends in computer vision, motion detection, video retrieval, semantic video analysis and interoperability issues. It will also use existing reference technologies from the ICT field that have overcome the barrier of system interoperability/compatibility, i.e. between container and compression formats. The project will use existing platforms capable of demonstrating unified archive integration and an approach to common search and indexing. It will also provide an analysis of existing technical barriers/requirements via the validation testing of a prototype platform with end users. The proposed project structure will ensure that RTD, Legal, Ethical and End User needs are properly balanced and addressed.


Future Intelligence (FINT) has a wealth of experience in embedded system design and integration; including embedded system interconnection and cloud-based archives focusing on multimodal surveillance systems. In addition, the company will contribute to overall system’s specifications and be the leader of the Integration WorkPackage. Finally, FINT will have a major part on the deployment and evaluation of P-REACT solution in the trial sites while its experience in the market place will be fundamental in sketching out the requirements of the proposed solution for the commercialisation phase.